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POSTED BY Uddefix June 20, 2020 in news
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We were lucky enough to, metaphorically speaking, sit down with Tyrin from our League team, to get answers to a few burning questions.

What is your role in the team and how would you describe it?

I’m the jungler. My role is mainly to assist laners, and usually to support the AD carry. My champ pool is on both ends of the spectrum though; I like playing assassins, but equally tanky supports. It depends on my mood, I guess. There are so many different playstyles in jungle. Every game is different, and you can never really do the same thing for too long.

Congrats on the win in the opening game last week. It looked like you guys had fun on the server. How was it from your perspective?

I wasn’t at home, and played the game from a laptop in bed… So, a bit awkward actually. There were quite a few jungle bans, and mine was the last pic. The enemy team had a very ‘engagy’ comp, and, some will disagree with me on this, but I actually think Karthus is really good against that because of the passive. It’s always nice to start with a win, so yeah, it was fun.

Can you carry this momentum forward into the rest of the UKEL?

I think so. We’re in a good place mentally, and I think this will continue going forward.

From talking to your team-mates, it seems you have great chemistry. Are you becoming friends outside of the game?

I’m friends with Kzed and Buzzy prior to this team. We’ve not played properly together before though, but I’d say we already had synergy beforehand. I’ve played against Dom many many times before, but this is the first time playing with him which is fun. Our top laner is also a nice lad and great fun. So yeah, we’re all getting on pretty well.

How has your hero pool changed since starting to play the game?

I’ve never really had a meta champ pool. I’d say I have a pretty niche champion pool. It has its disadvantages if the meta is against it, but similarly, there are advantages against teams that aren’t used to play against some of them. It’s not to be edgy or anything, but despite trying I struggle to find enjoyment from playing some, and so it’s better for me to focus on the ones I enjoy playing.

Favourite gaming snack?

Not really. The occasional Magnum ice-cream. Tesco recently had a deal on the chocolate and white ones.

What do you do when you don’t play League?

I used to go to the gym, but that’s all closed down now. I heard Dom has one at home, so I’m a bit jealous.

Any particular matches you are looking forward to up next?

Revenge. I know Kzed has quite the rivalry with their AD carry; Fuyu. Their mid; Splaff, and I have our own rivalry which I am looking forward to settling.

Message for the fans

Thanks for the support, and thanks for watching. I’m looking forward to closing on a high 😉

Gaming setup

Intel i7-8700, RTX 2080, Rival 3 mouse, K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard, Acer KG251Qbmiix 24.5 Inch FHD Gaming Monitor

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