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POSTED BY Uddefix June 11, 2020 in news
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Earlier this week we had a chat with the manager of our League team; Rigas Papadopoulos. He may be new to nR, but he’s been managing teams all across Europe for years and we couldn’t be more excited for the season ahead. Welcome, Rigas!

Coaches and players have well-known roles, but what do you do as team manager?

The exact role of a team manager depends on the structure of each individual team. In my case, I have a wide variety of responsibilities: scouting players, hosting trials, scheduling scrimmages, performing administrative work for tournaments, monitoring player performance, and acting as the link between org staff and players, just to name a few. Getting the squad ready to participate in the league can be quite a hectic process, but when everything is set up, it’s all worth it. I really enjoy the nature of the competition.

What can you tell us about the new nR League team?

I believe we’re one of the favorites in the UKEL. 4 of our players are used to competitive environments (including a true veteran), and we have a promising rookie to complete the line-up. We have both individual skill and experience.

Which are the teams most on top of their game right now in League?

Here in Europe most would agree that G2 is the top team right now. Individually they are highly capable, and they also have a fluid and adaptable style which their opponents can find very hard to deal with.

What are you trying to achieve with the nR team this season?

The goal is to win the UKEL, and we have a squad strong enough to do so. After that, the goal is to win the UKLC promotion match and qualify for the UKLC 2021 spring split.

What’s your own gaming setup?

It’s pretty archaic actually… my Microsoft keyboard, 5:4 resolution Philips screen, and Nvidia GeForce graphics card are all over a decade old. The only things on the modern side is an Intel i5 processor, and a Razer DeathAdder Essential mouse. I rarely play League of Legends myself nowadays, but instead the occasional game of Minesweeper or some other “light” game.

Favourite gaming snack?

I don’t usually snack when watching the team play. If I do it’s something salty, like pretzel sticks.

Do you have a message for nR fans and supporters?

I understand many nR fans may not be that into League because it’s been a while since the org had a League team. Regardless, I’d like to say it will be worth your time watching our UKEL games. We look forward to seeing you online, cheering us on.

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