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POSTED BY Uddefix May 28, 2020 in news
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Next up in the interview series is no other than our off-laner extraordinaire; Daniel “Overlom” Kurra. Who does he take inspiration from, and what is he up to outside of Dota? Find out below 🙂

What is your role in the team and how would you describe it?

I play position 3, the off lane. As an off-laner, my hero pool is on the weird side, but heroes I enjoy playing, like Nightstalker and Bounty Hunter. A bit part of my role is to create space for the rest of the team.

What makes a good off-laner?

Understanding timings. Playing around timings, enemy movement, and then making moves on the map yourself. It depends from game to game of course, but early game is often dictated by the off-laner.

What makes a good Dota player?

You need a game plan for everything. It’s the little things that matter. Timing, clear objectives, map control, and movement. I’d say it takes at least 4 years to get any real kind of game sense. It just comes from playing a lot.

When did you transition into competing at a professional level?

This recent tournament was actually my first real competitive experience. I started taking Dota a lot more seriously about a year ago and these last few months I have made the most improvement as a player. As I played more, I got better and therefore enjoyed playing even more. Before Dota I played poker and chess. Like I said, during these last few months I have seen the most improvement in my game, and although it obviously gets harder to climb, I hope I continue to.

What advice would you give others looking to do the same?

Focus on your gameplay but also watch top players and try to understand their decisions. Don’t just play on autopilot but think about what you’re doing and why. Watching replay is fine, but you constantly have to think about what’s going on and why. Right now, I personally mostly watch Khezu, BSJ, and Jenkins.

What’s your take on the team’s run in ESLUK?

I’m really happy overall, even though the final result was disappointing. It was always between us and Sparkling water.

What were some of the high and low points?

Beating Sparkling water in the group stage was a high point and losing the final was of course a low point. It’s also unfortunate that Lan tournaments are canceled. I was really looking forward to going. Last season was my first Lan and that was a really good experience for me.

Which player(s) do you take inspiration from and why?

Khezu. I watch his stream quite a lot and have learned a lot from him. He’s high ranked and he talks a lot about his plays. We also play the same role and have similar hero pools. It’s a great learning resource.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself a year ago?

Take breaks between games! I tend to play better with a fresh mind. I don’t learn anything if I’m tilting.

What’s going on in your life outside of the game?

I’m studying physics at Warwick Uni and we have a lot of exams this month and so that’s taking a lot of my time. Even though online exams are easier 😉