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POSTED BY Uddefix June 15, 2020 in news
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Dominic “Nice guy Dom” Grunwell isn’t just great at League, he’s a nice guy too! We spoke with him shortly after the team’s first UKEL win last week.

Congrats on the win. Can you tell us about the match from your perspective?

To be honest the game felt quite easy for us. The only way for us to lose was if the enemy LB got fed, but our champs out-scaled theirs which meant they were on a timer. The longer the game went on, the better it was going to be for us.

What’s your role in the team?

I’m the main source of banter. Keeping the team morale high. In-game, I do a lot of shot-calling and more of the macro side stuff toward mid-late game. Sometimes I am a carry, but other times I play a more supportive role. Whatever my team needs me to play really.

How do you feel going into the rest of this season?

We feel confident and like it’s ours to lose. Resolve are strong too, but I feel we can beat them. Individually we are really strong and I think we out-lane most teams. That said, in top competitive League, achieving is more about the team than individual plays and we feel great.

How do you handle pressure in official matches?

For myself, it’s easy to confuse excitement with nervousness, and I’m usually more of the former. It quite quickly wears off though, and I forget that people are watching my every move after a few minutes into streamed matches. Confidence helps with being nervous and going up against the other mids this season, I feel I match up well.

What makes a good League player?

Having a strong mental attitude is important. The best solo queue players lose at least 40% of games and so the ability to lose games and not tilt is really important. Instead, try to learn from your losses. That’s a big factor. Having good game knowledge is also important, especially in such a complex game as League. This is why teams have support staff like analysts etc.

My key personal take on what makes a good player is, of course, the ability to play Twisted Fate 😉

What’s your gaming setup?

Most gamers would cringe at my keyboard… but the rest is decent. I have an intel i5 processor and a GeForce RTX 2070 Super graphics card.

Do you snack when you game?

I’m really into fitness right now, so it’s usually protein shakes and coffee. I’m still partial to chocolate, cake, and monster energy but try to avoid 😊

What do you do when you don’t play League?

I gym most days. I have a setup in my garage, so lockdown hasn’t been too bad. I also play other games with friends, like RuneScape. When I don’t play games or gym, I’m usually found studying for my degree, playing guitar, reading a book or watching Lucifer and Prison Break.

Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans?

Yeah, be extra nice to Kzed. He’s fragile and tilts hard, so he needs all the attention he can get.

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