POSTED BY Gotik April 23, 2020 in news
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If you ever wondered what exactly a player who holds the AWP in their hands does during a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match, we have you covered.

We spoke to Frazehh who is a part of our CS:GO team and is responsible for kills such as the following.

Can you introduce yourself and what is your role in the NerdRage team?

My name is Fraser ‘Frazehh’ Sollom and I am the AWPer for team nerdRage.

What is some advice that you’d give to new players who want to compete professionally and become an AWPER?

If I were giving advice to new players is I would say mainly play deathmatch with riffles until you have good enough raw aim, and then just play enough pugs until you learn the game more and more and watch professional matches. I don’t often practice AWPing but If I do I will just go on aim maps and do 50 flicks shots and 50 quick scope kills etc.

Do you use any warm-up maps and if yes which ones?

In terms of warm-up maps, my most frequent are aim_botz, aim_redline deathmatch. I also very frequently surf and have put well over 3.000 hours surfing. I believe it makes you have more precise mouse control and movement control.

You can follow Frazehh on his social media accounts
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