POSTED BY Gotik May 2, 2020 in news
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One of the most key features in CS:GO is the economy. It allows a team to buy utilities and new weapons, which can influence the sway of the game. In this Beginner’s tutorial, we’ll discuss how to effectively manage your team’s economy to make the most out of what you have, and different strategies on handling the economy.

Firstly, what is the economy? To put it simply, it is the amount of money your team has. This value is changeable, varies from round to round and is influenced by how much your team spends on weapons/armor, the kill awards for each elimination (varies per weapon), bomb planting and defusals. The final outcome of a round also affects the team economy. With that out of the way, here are some tips to managing your economy.

Eco rounds

Eco rounds are rounds where the team will spend as little as possible in order to cut on costs to conserve your money for future rounds, and attempt to deal as much damage to the opponent’s economy as possible. 

For example, your team may have an unbalanced economy, with one player having far more money than the rest of the team. The most valuable player will buy everyone a pistol, attempt to kill your opponents, and cause their economy to weaken. 

Bear in mind, winning an eco-round isn’t likely unless your opponents play the same strategy.

This can be an effective strategy if played correctly. Play this strategy when your overall economy is low (around $6000 or lower). Don’t overbuy on items; all you’ll need is a pistol and possibly some grenades.

 Remember: you’re not expected to win, so anything achieved is a bonus carrying on. Plant a bomb, kill the opposition, do whatever it takes to get a bonus.

Full eco round

This is similar to an eco round, except instead of buying a cheap weapon, you buy absolutely nothing. This round will almost certainly be a loss, but will set you up for later rounds. 

Only play this if your economy is wrecked (very low amounts of cash). You still have your knife, utilise it. Any kills you get will be a major bonus. 

The only purchases that must be made are defusers for CT. Buy one or two.

Anti eco rounds

This is used when you know the other team will be forced into an eco round. This should be done if your economy is stable (which it should be assuming you’ve managed to cripple the opposition’s and purchased the correct gear).

 An eco round, as we discussed, is the opposition’s attempt at achieving more cash to stabilize their economy, or to conserve money for the future rounds by buying less effective, cheaper item, while they try to destroy your own economy.

If you’ve recognised that this will be the opposition’s strategy, anti eco is your best friend. If the opposition has been forced to play eco, then they’ll likely have no armour, weak pistols etc. In CS:GO, shotguns payout the 2nd most amount of money for each kill ($900, behind knives). Shotguns at close range against weak enemies is almost a guaranteed kill.  SMGs are also a recommendation, depending on which map is played. 

Make sure to utilize expensive weapons in an attempt to shut down the weaker side. Your aim is to prevent the eco side from doing anything so you can prevent their economy from massively growing, while also growing your own. This means stopping their bomb plants/defusals and eliminating them. This can cripple them for rounds to come.

Half buy

Half buys are similar to eco rounds, except the whole point of them is to prevent an eco round. This is usually played when some players can afford a Full buy (explained later) but others can’t. You can stick with your existing weapon which saves money for another round, don’t go heavy with grenades.

This is used mainly in the later rounds as a gamble to win the game. This won’t be effective and can have a bad outcome if the other team does a full buy.

Full buy

A full buy is used by teams who are financially secure. They have thousands of dollars to spend between their players and can cash out on the luxuries of CS:GO.

 Top-quality weapons and armor will often be bought, along with utilities and grenades. This is where a team goes full out and can usually defeat the opposition, with the only resistance being if the opposite team plays a Full buy.