POSTED BY Gotik April 25, 2020 in news
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Smoking is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master technique in CS:GO with a lot of flexibility for strategic plays. The usage of smoke and flash grenades can change the way the game is played, blocking vision. This article will give you some quick tips on how to smoke effectively.

The aim of smoking is to distract or blind the enemy and direct them away from a site. Therefore, the most effective use of smoke grenades is around the bombsites, as they can buy your team precious time. Play your cards right as you can only purchase one per round.

The first area to play some grenades are tight corridors near enemy spawns. The smoke grenade will alert the enemy team of your presence and, with it being a tight corridor, they’ll begin shooting blindly, expecting a hit. If you take cover from these shots (ie a cornering) then you’ll have an understanding of their location and return fire, since they’ll most likely be exposed in the open.

With the use of flashbangs, you can completely halt an enemy push and reposition. These are extremely effective in areas like B Tunnels. A demonstration of this is shown below:

The second area to smoke is entrances and exits of bombsites. This allows you cover from enemy snipers when moving in and out of the area and also causes the opposing team to play more cautiously which can be counteracted with a quick play. You can also use these within the bomb site to conceal the defuser.

A good tip to note is that it can be used to cause panic within the enemy team. Because of the likeliness between flashbangs and smoke grenades, some people may mistake the two and take cover immediately which can reveal their locations if you’re lucky.

Cross-map smokes are also very effective as they can block out enemy defenses temporarily.

For example, on Mirage, T players who have great precision can smoke the Sniper’s Nest of CT and stop any defense from it for the duration of the smoke (15 seconds).

In the following guides, we will be exploring much more advanced topics and maps such as Mirage.

There you have it. Some quick tips on how to smoke effectively. Remember, smokes are a must to learn and can change the game drastically.