EPS Update and Upcoming Matches.

POSTED BY Gotik April 22, 2020 in news
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Following the announcement of our Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, we have had an amazing run in the ESL Premiership.

Currently, our team is showing no signs of stopping and is sitting comfortably in the 3rd spot with 4 games won, including the recent 16-10 win against Eidos on Monday and only 1 lost versus at the time superior Reason Gaming.

Our up-coming match is against CeX April 24th 21:00 GMT on the ESL Premiership Twitch Channel and you can support us by watching the live stream here.

Following our CeX match, we will be fighting the mighty VAC which will be scheduled for April 28th at 21:00 GMT and you can watch it on the ESL Premiership Twitch Channel and you watch it and support us here .