POSTED BY Gotik April 26, 2020 in news
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Whether you are a veteran player who has been playing the Counter-Strike franchise, or you are someone who just got into it and started it playing after seeing those awesome kills people get on streams, CS: GO can be quite a punishable game where all your reactions and movements can help you win or lose the round.

We will be exploring the 5 mistakes players make in CS:GO.

  1. Playing on our own / Not Communicating with your team.

    We all know someone who is near and dear to us who likes the lone-wolf strategy, however playing on your own, not communicating with your teams, and not calling spots is a one-way ticket to a defeat. As simple as it gets, right? I really don’t see any reason why you should play competitive CS: GO and deliberately hold back from in-game chat, be it voice or text.

  2. Not using the radar.

    Often people go in one by one to B when its planted there and occupied by T’s. This is very easy logic to most, but going in ALONE leaves, you flanked to at least 3 positions.

  3. Running around while shooting.

    This is one of the most common mistakes that new players make, however when aiming in CS: GO you need to stand still or crouch the instant you fire your shot so it yields the highest accuracy.
    You can move but that should ideally be in-between shots. We will be posting an in-depth guide in how you can setup aim maps from the Steam workshop.

  4. Not studying the maps.

    CS: GO is known for some big maps and beautifully designed, however before choosing your map it would be a worth-while investment in first taking a look around it to see your surroundings, where your enemies can potentially hide and all the alternative routes.

  5. Not warming Up.

    As a beginner practice and warming up are crucial to your gameplay as someone who is new to the game and missing a few days of game-play can take down your performance levels drastically.

    That’s why we recommend spending some time in Deathmatch and Aim Maps for 20 minutes before playing so you are always on your peak performance.

And there you have it,those are some of our most common mistakes that new players make in CS:GO, please stick around for future articles where we will be taking a look at Positioning,Strategic buying / economy and other guides.