As an organisation, nerdRage have always been fond of mobile esports. It is a lucrative and competitive market with a very wide spread audience. Any gamer can pick up their mobile and join in with tournaments and other esports activities. To show our support and help the developers of games we are always keen to support a mobile esports team under the brand.

The new lineup will be competiting in PUBG Mobile, currently one of the biggest mobile esports with a range of tournaments for teams and players to compete in. One of the names are a familar face in the nerdRage ranks, the captain, Dr Boss, who was previously a streamer and Critical Ops player for nerdRage. The complete roster to represet nerdRage will be:

  • Harsh ‘DR BOSS’ Puri
  • Saikath ‘GRIMZ’ Bose
  • Mohit ‘MAVIQ’ Soni
  • Manpreet ‘PRESIDENT’ Singh

In addition, they are all placed in the top 1000 of PUBG Mobile players, showing strong dedication and great skills within the game. You will be able to see them in upcoming tournaments, such as the Under Dogs tournament and much more in the future!

Keep up to date with the latest activity from our PUBG Mobile team over on the nerdRage social channels.

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Youtube – nerdRage