We are proud to announce the signing of second team wearing the nerdRage colours, to play alongside the recently acquired Apex Legends team. Our latest addition of a Swedish CSGO roster allows us to return to our roots where the nerdRage brand was at its peak. The team consists of a group of 5 very talented players capable of achieving great things:

Saif ‘Sayf’ Jibraeel
Alexander ‘redzy’ Johansson
Jack ‘jackinho’ Ström Mattson
Dylan ‘DH’ Hamrini
Sean ‘eraa’ Knutsson

The team, previously known as Zimbabwe, are currently in the semi-finals of the ESEA Main division and have qualified to compete in the upcoming ESEA Advanced division. Alongside this the team are focusing hard to earn their space at the top of the Swedish scene and competing in both the invitational WinnersLeague Main Division and the Swedish Elite series with a $100K prize pool. You will also be able to see the team competing in the DH Tours qualifier over the weekend so please follow and root for the guys whilst we hope to become a top fighting force in Europe again over the coming months.

Keep up to date with the latest activity from our counter-strike: global offensive team over on the nerdRage social channels.

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