We, would like to welcome the very first team of its new era as nerdRage recruits an Apex Legends competitive team.

With the recent release of the game and the ever growing esports community, nerdRage have acted quickly to recruit a talented UK based Apex Legends team that will lead the organisation into tournaments.

The trio of Jamie ‘Paradox’ Hall, Jamie ‘Blasts’ Levine and Tieran ‘Tridon’ Burkin will be flying the nerdRage banner within the game.

Upcoming tournaments and matches will be announced via nerdRage’s twitter along with streams for fans to check in on nerdRage’s newest team.

nerdRage Apex Legends Team

Jamie ‘Paradox’ Hall

Jamie ‘Blasts’ Levine

Tieran ‘Tridon’ Burkin

Keep up to date with the latest activity from our Apex Legends team over on the nerdRage social channels.

Twitter – NerdRage_pro

Facebook – NerdRage.pro

Youtube – nerdRage