The recently announced Swedish CSGO roster required a few adjustments to ensure the continued development and success of the team. The latest addition to the team will be Gustav [...]

As an organisation, nerdRage have always been fond of mobile esports. It is a lucrative and competitive market with a very wide spread audience. Any gamer can pick up their mobile and join in [...]

We are proud to announce the signing of second team wearing the nerdRage colours, to play alongside the recently acquired Apex Legends team. Our latest addition of a Swedish CSGO roster allows us [...]

We, would like to welcome the very first team of its new era as nerdRage recruits an Apex Legends competitive team. With the recent release of the game and the ever growing esports community, [...]

After a brief but reinvigorating hiatus, nerdRage are primed to return to the UK scene as they look to re-establish the organisation in esports. With 12 months out of the limelight, nerdRage are [...]


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